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    Behavioral Health Billing & Consulting Services 

 Commonwealth Medical Billing, LLC is a Full-Practice Management Practice that provides quality Medical Billing,   Consulting, and Credentialing Services to Medical  Providers in the industry. We customize our services to your   specific needs. We collaborate with Solo Practitioners, Group Providers, & Mental Health Providers all over the U.S.


 Commonwealth Medical Billing, LLC was established in 2008 with a vision to help Behavioral Health Providers   streamline their reimbursements.  We have over 20 years of Psychology, Substance Abuse Billing and Psychiatry   Billing experience and have the expertise in Behavioral Health Billing, Coding, Credentialing, Contracting   Experience, and Setting up Mental Health Practices.  We work with all Insurances including Medicaid, Medicare   and  ALL Commercial Insurances.  We are a one stop shop when it comes to your Billing & Administrative needs.   We are also able to help providers optimize with their current EHR or will are able to offer an EHR specifically for   your office needs. We guarantee to increase your reimbursements, so that you can focus on your patients and   continue to provide them them exceptional care.

 We believe in providing Exceptional & Professional customer services to both our physicians and patients.  We   offer a Professional Approach, with a Personal Touch.  Come see for yourself!

Be Encouraged!

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